Automatic Khakhra Making Machine – Mechanical Model

Automatic Khakhra Making Machine – Mechanical Model


The khakhra making machine is a revolutionary and innovative product that understands the problems faced by khakhra manufacturers and streamlines the khakhra making process. The newly developed mechanical model is powered by an advanced mechanical system, unlike other khakhra making machine. This system improves the productivity of khakhra making process without increasing the operational and maintenance cost. The machine has negligible rotating parts, making it much more energy efficient, cost-effective and low maintenance khakhra making machine than other machines in the market.


Tested and tried by Qualimark’s advanced R&D center, the machine promises heavy savings in electricity and maintenance cost due to unique design and compact size. The unique design offers 50% less space for the roasting platform, reducing the size of machine and efficient operations. Revolutionary simplified design, compact size and easy to operate are some of the differentiating features of the Mechanical Khakhra machine.


The machine can be integrated with Qualimark’s dough ball making machine. This saves operator from the hassle of dough ball making and speeds up the khakhra making process.

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Precision-engineered product with Unique Features

  • Mechanical Based Pressing

    Mechanical Based Pressing

  • Very Compact Machine

    Very Compact Machine

  • Less Labor Requirement

    Less Labor Requirement

  • Less Maintenance

    Less Labor Maintenance

  • Up To 50% Electricity Saving

    Up To 50% Electricity Saving

  • In-house RD Facility

    In-house R&D Facility

  • Automatic Khakhra Making Machine – Mechanical Model

Technical Specification
    • Type
    • KM60MKM60M
    • Production Rate (Approx.)
    • 600 Nos. / Hr. 65Kg / 8Hr.
    • Total Elec. Motor (3 Phase)
    • 1.25 HP
    • Required Elec. Power (HP/ kW) 3 Phase
    • 9.65 HP / 7.12 kW
    • Belt Alignment System
    • Manual
    • Roasting Platform
    • 3 Nos.
    • Overall Dimensions (Ft.)
    • 7.50 x 2.50 x 4.30 (L x W x H)
    • Weight (Kg.) Approx.
    • 550

Automatic Khakhra Making Machine – Mechanical Model