Compact Automatic Chapati Making Machine

Compact Automatic Chapati Making Machine


Qualimark employed its expertise and experience in designing and developing this successful compact automatic chapati making machine. Developed after thorough research and by following an innovative design approach, the automatic chapati making machine is a compact, energy-efficient and high-performance machine that speeds up the food preparation process.

The automatic chapati making machine boasts of being the world’s smallest automatic chapati making machine with a capacity to cook 400 chapati in one hour. One of the most innovative products, the machine was designed, developed and perfected over a period of two years. Known for great ergonomics and compact size, the machine is used by leading caterers and restaurants to cook chapati, even at outdoor catering locations. With great mobility, compact size and low gas and electricity requirements, the machine serves as an ideal chapati making solution for the F&B industry.

The machine uses single conveyor and 360-degree chapati baking technology, advanced precision motor and gearbox that promises high rate of production with optimum chapati cooking or roasting and least maintenance. Also, the machine offers better insulation owing to superior-grade heating components.

Automatic Chapati Making Machine Manufacturer

Unique Features Precision-engineered product with unique features

  • Single conveyor Technology

    Single conveyor Technology

  • 360° Chapati Baking

    360° Chapati Baking

  • Up-to-50-Electricity-Saving

    Up to 50% Electricity Saving

  • Up to 50% gas Saving

    Up to 50% gas Saving

  • Less-Maintenance

    Less Maintenance

  • In-house-Designed-Burners

    In house Designed Burners

  • Very-Compact-Machine

    Very Compact Machine

  • Unibody-Concept

    Unibody Concept

  • Travel-Friendly-Machine-Ideal-for-Hoteld-and-Caterers

    Travel Friendly Machine Ideal for Hotels and Caterers

Very-Compact-MachineIndia’s Most Compact Chapati Machine

Qualimark has launched first-of-its-kind automatic chapati machine that boast of being the smallest chapati making machine in India. With great aesthetics, compact size and less weight, it is completely different from other machines available in the market. Designed brilliantly by the experts at Qualimark’s R&D centre, the machine just weighs 150 kg and is 3.93 ft long. The machine is extremely easy to transport and requires low maintenance. Also, owing to compact size, the machine requires minimal space for operations.

Hotels and CaterersTravel Friendly Machine & Ideal for Hotels and Caterers

The machine is quite travel friendly which enables caterers, hotels and restaurant users to take machine from one place to another place with ease. The machine is very much light in weight and Compaq in size thus easily movable and can be used anywhere even to the remotest location. The machine can fit even in very less space. These features and qualities make it ideal for hotels, restaurants and caterers where space is scars and mobility is required.

Single-Conveyor-TechnologySingle Conveyor Technology

Machines working on conventional three conveyor technology use three conveyors to bake a chapatti, increasing chapati travel time in machinery by 2.5 times. Also, such a design increases the number of parts by 3 times, leading to higher maintenance and operational costs. Qualimark’s patented single conveyor technology ensures that the chapati has to travel less in machine and uses only one conveyor to bake the chapati. Also, the conveyor does not turn the chapati and use a stationary oven to evenly bake the chapati from both sides. Working on single conveyor technology, the machine comes with 70% less parts making it a cost-effective option to bake chapatis. The machine reduces electricity, gas and maintenance requirements by 50%. The innovative design and remarkable technology also makes it possible to reduce the weight of machine by 30% making the machine more compact and easy-to-transport.

360° Chapati Baking360° Chapati Baking

Existing chapati making machine design just focus on heating chapati from only two sides, making 1/3 part of chapati devoid of proper heat for baking. This leads of undercooked chapatis as burners only heat chapati from the top and bottom. Qualimark’s unique 360˙ baking process- developed in-house ensures that heat spreads equally in the machine from all sides. The burners working on this process ensure perfectly roasted chapatis from all the sides, improving the overall quality of chapati.

Less-MaintenanceLess Maintenance

Qualimark’s automatic chapati machine is extremely compact with fewer rotational parts compared to existing machines. This makes it easier to operate, clean and maintain. As the machine consists of very less number of moving parts, it also promises minimal noise and vibration during operations. With 50% less burners and electric parts and only one conveyor compared to three in conventional machines, the machine requires very less maintenance during the course of operations.


  • World’s smallest automatic chapati making machine
  • Ergonomic design with great aesthetic looks
  • Travel-friendly machine design facilitating mobility
  • Can be used anywhere for cooking necessary number of chapatis
  • Ideal for restaurants, hotels and at outdoor catering locations such as small gatherings
  • Economical and efficient chapati making alternative owing to savings on manpower and fuel cost
  • Lesser operational noise when compared to other chapati making machines
  • Better insulation to minimize overall heat loss and reduce outer machine body temperature
  • Rust-proof stainless steel outer machine structure and cover
  • Compact Automatic Chapati Making Machine – ACM5

  • Compact Automatic Chapati Making Machine

Technical Specification
    • Type
    • ACM5ACM5
    • Capacity
    • 400 Nos. / Hr.
    • Weight of Chapati
    • 25 to 45 Gms.
    • Thickness of Chapati
    • 1 to 2.5 mm
    • Size of Chapati
    • ø 3″ to ø 7.5″
    • LPG Pressure
    • 0.5 kg
    • LPG Consumption
    • 0.75 – 1 Kg / Hr.
    • Required Elec. Power (HP / kW) 1Phase
    • 5.33 HP / 3.97 kW
    • Overall Dimensions (Ft.)
    • 4.20 x 1.82 x 3.40 (L x W x H)
    • Weight (Kg.) Approx.
    • 190
  • *Integrated Dough Ball Machine is only for illustration purpose and can be purchased separately.

Compact Automatic Chapati Making Machine

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