Dough Ball Making Machine

Dough Ball Making Machine


Dough ball making machine by Qualimark is a highly sought after product in food processing industry that fastens up the process of making dough for chapati, poori and other flat bread in bulk. The machine is easy-to-operate and clean and can be customized to control the size of dough balls as per the requirement. With smooth dough ball cutting and easy-to-integrate mechanism, the machine promises a great boost in productivity of existing operations without hampering current processes. Developed, designed, engineered and produced using high-grade raw materials and latest technology, the machine is an efficient, durable and functional product, essential for every commercial kitchen.


The dough ball making machine can be easily integrated to other machines like Qualimark’s Khakhra making and chapati making machines. This helps the operator in getting rid of the hassle of dough ball making. Also, the machine is made from precision and premium PP material worm that homogeneously mixes the kneaded flour for best-quality dough balls.

Dough Ball Making Machine Manufacturers India

Precision-engineered product with Unique Features

  • Worm-Made-of-Food-Grade-Material

    Worm Made of Food Grade Material

  • Easy-Dough-Ball-Size-Adjustment

    Easy Dough Ball Size Adjustment

  • Easy-to-integrate-with-other-machines

    Easy to integrate with other machines

  • Smooth-Precise-Dough-Ball-Cutting

    Smooth & Precise Dough Ball Cutting

  • Very-Compact-Machine

    Very Compact Machine

  • Easy-to-Clean

    Easy to Clean

Convenient dough ball size adjustmentConvenient dough ball size adjustment

Dough ball making machine comes with a user-friendly mechanism to adjust the weight and size of the dough ball. A precise non-contact photovoltaic sensor-based system is used in the machine’s mechanism that facilitates dough ball size adjustment. The feature makes it easier for even a layman without any sill to adjust the dough ball size as required.

Easy-to-integrate-with-other-machinesEasy integration with other machines

Dough ball making machine is designed and developed in a way making it easier for the user to integrate the machine into the current system or with other machines such as Qualimark’s Khakhra Making Machine or Chapati making machine.


Being the biggest USP of this product, the integration feature ensures integration into the existing system and getting rid of manual dough ball making process in seconds. There can be significant savings in time and efforts by integrating the machine in current system and the machine can also be customized as per other machines.


  • The Dough Ball Making Machine from Qualimark offers easy adjustment of dough ball sizes, allowing you to customize your production according to specific requirements and preferences
  • This machine seamlessly integrates with other equipment, facilitating a smooth and efficient workflow in your production setup
  • The worm of this machine is made of food-grade material, ensuring the safety and quality of your dough balls, making it suitable for use in food production environments
  • The machine’s cutting mechanism ensures smooth and precise cutting of dough balls, resulting in uniform shapes and sizes for consistent product quality
  • With its compact size, the Dough Ball Making Machine takes up minimal floor space, making it suitable for businesses with limited space availability
  • The machine is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, allowing you to maintain hygiene standards and prolong the machine’s lifespan
  • Capable of producing up to 1000 dough balls per hour, this machine enhances your production efficiency and output, meeting high-demand scenarios with ease
  • The machine can produce dough balls ranging from 20 to 60 grams, offering versatility in product offerings to cater to diverse customer preferences
  • With a required electric power of 0.75 HP / 0.55 kW (1 Phase), the machine is energy-efficient, helping you save on operational costs while maintaining optimal performance
  • Equipped with electric motor and blade technology for dough ball cutting (pneumatic version also available), the machine ensures efficient and precise cutting operations, contributing to consistent dough ball quality
  • Dough Ball Making Machine

Technical Specification
    • Type
    • DB10DB10E
    • DB10DB20E
    • Capacity
    • Up to 1000 Nos. / Hr
    • Up to 2000 Nos. / Hr
    • Dough Ball Weight
    • 20 to 60 Gms.
    • 20 to 60 Gms.
    • Required Elec. Power (HP / kW) 1Phase
    • 0.75 HP / 0.55 kW
    • 0.75 HP / 0.55 kW
    • Dough Ball Cutting Technology
    • Electric Motor with Blade Technology
      (Pneumatic Version is also available)
    • Overall Dimensions (Ft.)
    • 2.70 x 1.40 x 5.40 (L x W x H)
    • Weight (Kg.) Approx.
    • 145

Dough Ball Making Machine